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As we’re in the occupation of cleaning solar panels in California, we do understand that solar panels are a big investment. To reap the maximum benefit in the long run, you should take care of them. In this write-up, we’ll explain to you a few effective methods for cleaning and taking care of your solar panels.   

After purchasing solar panels of good quality, you won’t have to clean and fix them as often. This will help you save money for the future. Hire a reputable installer and check on your solar panels often to make sure they keep working well.    

Being in the business of solar panel cleaning services in California, our first suggestion is to find the best deal for your needs and budget. Get quotes from several qualified installers. This is the first thing you must do for standard-quality solar panels.  Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels   

  1. Keep solar panels out of the shade as they can’t produce as much energy due to inadequate sunlight.   
  1. Watch the solar panels and make sure the inverters have green lights flashing. If they’re not flashing, you’re losing money because your electricity use is no longer being offset.   
  1. Record the day-to-day performance to improve the maintenance of solar panels. It’s important to write down how much energy has been made every day at the same time and to pay special attention to days when it’s very cloudy. Some of the results won’t match up. (The best way to keep track of your solar panels would be to ask the company that made them.)   
  1. By monitoring systems you’ll know how you’re helping the environment. You’ll also realize how much CO2 you are putting into the air. They can also tell you how much you could gain from the feed-in tariff scheme.   
  1. If at home, you can also look at a wall-mounted display to figure out anything that needs to be done for your solar panels.   
  1. Due to insufficient time to clean your solar panels, you can install systems that accomplish the task for you. We can cite the example of sprinklers, or you can make an appointment with us as we’re a leading solar panel cleaning company.   
  1. Solar power might not need maintenance because solar panels don’t have any moving parts that could rust or break.   

Cleaning Tips for Solar Panel    

  1. Cleaning solar panels is easy with the help of cleaning kits. There is a wiper, a biodegradable soap, and either a small brush or a brush with a long handle in the kit. You should adequately mix the soap and water in the bucket. There are directions on the bottle. Put the brush in the bucket and start wiping the solar panels gently with it. Clean the panels with plain water or a soft brush to remove any accumulated dirt or grime.   
  1. It has never been easier to learn how to clean solar panels. If the solar panels are wet, it is convenient to wipe off any dirt or residue that has stuck to them.   
  1. If you use a rough sponge or soap to clean your solar panels, you could scratch the glass. The best way to clean solar panels is with a soft cloth or soap that breaks down quickly.   
  1. When cleaning solar panels, you shouldn’t use harsh materials because they could cause damage, and fixing solar panels is expensive.   
  1. If you clean often, you might be able to get rid of any dirt by just running a hose along the panels. Less calls about maintaining solar panels.   
  1. For your safety and the safety of those around you, clean the panels while standing on the ground with a wiper with a long handle.   
  1. If you have to get on the roof, be careful. Once you start cleaning, the roof will get slippery, and you could fall off when you try to get off. Use safety ropes or a harness to help you stay in place.   
  1. Keep an eye out for dirt on the solar panels to make sure it doesn’t build up, since they can absorb more sunlight when they are clean.   


Many people ask us, “Do solar panels need to be cleaned?” We say “Yes.” A lot depends on the type of panel you have. You may need to clean them weekly or monthly. The company that made your solar panels should be able to tell you how to clean them.   


As a solar panel cleaning company in California, our suggestion is that taking care of your solar panels has significance if you want them to last and work well. However, cleaning and maintenance aren’t always sufficient to ensure their smooth operation.   

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