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Whenever you decide to install a solar panel system, then it is like a one-time investment. Undeniably, a solar panel is an asset like our car or our house. We need to maintain them in such a way so that they can serve you for a long. You’ll be glad to know that an adequately installed solar system necessitates a few tasks for proper upkeep from professionals like us.  Accordingly, you should follow certain guidelines for the maintenance of your solar panel to preserve your solar system, so that it remains in a workable condition for a prolonged duration. Think of your car! When you purchase it, do you plan to sell it and buy a new one within a few months or a year? Of course not! Then why a step-motherly treatment towards the solar panel? 

Solar Panel Maintenance Tips 

As mentioned earlier, a solar energy system requires only a few maintenance after it has been properly installed. A standard solar system can last over a decade and a half with utmost ease. Rather, most solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years. With the proper care, you will be assured of an enduring and optimized output over a long period. 

The following solar panel maintenance tips are suggested- 

Refrain From Shading 

Shading is one of the crucial things that a lot of people avoid while they conduct a formal site analysis during pre-installation. Once the panels are mounted, then you have to guarantee that shades do not come up in the form of new elevated trees, as this will reduce the amount of energy generated by the system. Again, to be on the safe side, don’t get us wrong! We are not at all suggesting you cut down trees as we are also concerned about climate change. However, you can crop them or trim them properly, so that the panels are not shaded. 

Cleaning of the Solar Panel  

Cleaning solar panels in California is quite an effortless task. However, it is labor-intensive too. That’s where we help. Cleaning ensures that the solar cells are unhindered and obtain the maximum amount of insolation. Maintaining the cleanliness of the solar panels is necessary to optimize the panel’s energy output. It is a simple procedure to clean the glass on the panels that can be done as frequently as needed based on how much dirt is piling up. You may apply a washrag or soft cloth and biodegradable soap to clean panels. But when you are just dealing with dust you can simply run a hose pipe with water over the panels.  

Monitor the Solar System 

The only method to recognize a problem in the system is to observe its performance through daily, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections. 

Annual Solar Panel Maintenance 

A few of the annual maintenance services for solar systems are as follows- 

  • Examine the solar panels to confirm that they are spotless, and free of scratches, fractures, moisture penetration, corrosion, and browning.  
  • Conduct a regular performance check of the system by considering the daily performance data to trace any major differences in output 
  • Assess the mounting hardware to confirm its proper working condition and ensure that the earth connection is uninterrupted. 
  • Cabling has to be monitored to ensure that it is secure and the voltage of strings is within the prescribed tolerance level. 
  • Check the breakers to figure out whether there is any damage, and to ensure that the isolation devices are functioning properly 
  • Inspect the junction boxes and check that water has not accumulated there and that the position of connections, lid seals, and clamping devices is perfect. 
  • Monitor the inverters to check if there is any damage, check for any resistive joints on connections, and confirm that the DC voltage comes into the inverter. 
  • Check the fuse boxes to detect water damage if any, and resistive joints on connections

Annual maintenance checks are comparatively more detailed and should include a complete checkup of the total system to conclude that it is functioning properly.

Quarterly and Monthly Solar Panel Maintenance 

Quarterly and monthly maintenance checks include checking the cleanliness of the panels and piling up any dust and debris under and around the PV array.

Daily Solar Panel Maintenance 

Daily observations must include monitoring the inverter display to verify that it is working perfectly and that the green light is on. In the case of any failure, you need to refer to the manual. Additionally, you need to maintain a daily record of the system’s output to be able to assess performance over a long period. Maximum contemporary inverter and their monitoring software will do this for you by default. 


It’ll be much better if you get the panels cleaned by us as we are one of the leading solar panel cleaning services in California. We will not just clean the panels for you, but also suggest your ways for proper maintenance. Get in touch with us today only!