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Solar panels quietly transform sunshine into power in our daily lives. They are like the unsung heroes of the energy industry. But just like any other hero, they need some care and attention to perform at their best. Your responsibility is to maintain the performance and lifespan of solar panels. This article will cover the subject of cleaning solar panels. 

 It is advisable to learn the safest and most efficient ways to keep your solar panels sparkling clean. 

The way we generate energy has been transformed by solar panels. They are green, lower our electricity costs, and even let us sell extra energy back to the grid. 

 However, to keep them functioning optimally, they require proper maintenance. 

The indispensability of Solar Panels

We are continuously looking for sustainable energy. That is the main reason why solar panels have become indispensable. Apart from fighting climate change, they are environmentally beneficial and lessen carbon footprints. 

Example: Imagine Sarah, an eco-conscious homeowner. To rely less on fossil fuels and pay less for power, she installed solar panels. 

Is Solar Panel Cleaning Important? 

Absolutely! Your solar panels’ efficiency is directly impacted by how clean they are. The surface of the panel can develop accumulations of dust, pollen, bird droppings, and even air pollution. Sunlight gets obstructed and lowers their ability to produce electricity. 

Example: John noticed a drop in his energy savings and decided to inspect his solar panels. He was shocked to see that they had dirt and bird poop all over them. So, they were not functioning properly. 

Are Solar Panels Self-Cleaned? 

While some light rain can help rinse off surface dust, it’s not enough to keep your panels clean. For more stubborn dirt and contaminants, a manual cleaning process is necessary. 

Example: Imagine you have a car that sits outside in your driveway. When it rains, the rainwater washes away some of the dust and dirt from your car, leaving it looking a bit cleaner. Solar panels are somewhat like that car. When it rains, some of the dirt and dust on the panels can get washed away, but it’s not enough to keep them clean. So, just as you wouldn’t rely on rain to keep your car spotless, you shouldn’t rely on rain to keep your solar panels clean either. 

Can a Roof Below a Solar Panel Be Cleaned? 

Yes, you can clean the roof underneath the solar panels. A good idea is to keep the space around your panels clean and avoid debris accumulation. Otherwise, the effectiveness of your panels will be reduced. 

Example: Think about a tree in your backyard. Sometimes, leaves and twigs fall from the tree and land on your roof. Now, imagine your roof has solar panels on it. The leaves and twigs that fall onto your roof can also fall under the solar panels. To keep your roof clean, you can clean the area under the panels just like you would clean the rest of your roof. It’s like cleaning up every inch of your yard, even the areas covered by bushes! 

Seek Suggestions from the Manufacturer of Your Solar Panel

Every solar panel system is unique. Manufacturers often provide specific cleaning guidelines and recommendations. The optimum cleaning procedures and supplies to employ can be determined by speaking with the panel’s manufacturer. 

Example: Mark reached out to his panel’s manufacturer and learned about the importance of using non-abrasive materials for cleaning to avoid scratches. 

What Type of Water is to be Used for Solar Panel Cleaning? 

Use deionized or distilled water for cleaning. The performance of your panels may be impacted by the presence of minerals in tap water that might cause streaks or deposits. 

Example: Consider your glasses at home. Sometimes, you might notice water spots or streaks on them after washing them with regular tap water. Because tap water includes minute minerals, these spots develop. 

When you use tap water to clean your solar panels, those minerals can leave similar spots, and that’s not good for the panels. Instead, it’s best to use special water called “distilled” or “deionized” water. This water doesn’t have those pesky minerals, so it won’t leave any spots behind. It’s like using the right cleaner to make sure your glasses sparkle. 

The Threat of Electrocution

Safety is paramount when cleaning solar panels. Ensure the panels are disconnected from the grid and avoid spraying water directly onto electrical components to prevent the risk of electrocution. 

Example: Think about plugging your phone charger into a socket at home. When you do that, you don’t touch the metal parts with wet hands because it could give you a little shock, right? It is like solar panels. They have electrical parts, and if you spray water directly on them or touch them with wet hands, it can be dangerous. So, it’s essential to be very careful and make sure the panels are turned off before cleaning them. Safety first! 

What is the Procedure to Softwash a Roof with Solar Panels? 

Soft washing involves using low-pressure water mixed with cleaning solutions to remove dirt and algae from your panels and roof. This technique thoroughly cleans the surrounding region while being gentle on your panels. 

Example: Lisa decided to softwash her roof, which had become a breeding ground for algae, to maintain her panels’ efficiency. 

How to Clean Solar Panels Full of Algae? 

Algae growth on solar panels can reduce their efficiency. Cleaning them requires a gentle touch to remove the algae without damaging the panels. Soft brushing or low-pressure washing is often recommended. 

Example: Imagine you have a swimming pool in your backyard. Sometimes, if you don’t clean it regularly, you might notice greenish stuff growing on the pool’s walls and floor. That green stuff is algae. Now, picture the same thing happening on your solar panels. If algae start growing on them, it can block the sunlight and make the panels less efficient. To clean solar panels with algae, you’d use a soft brush or low-pressure water to gently remove the algae without hurting the panels. It’s like giving your pool a good scrub to keep it crystal clear. 

Seek Professional Guidance: 

While some homeowners choose to clean their panels themselves, seeking professional guidance is advisable. Professional solar panel cleaning services have the expertise and equipment to clean your panels safely and effectively. 

Example: Michael opted for professional cleaning to ensure his panels were cleaned correctly without any risk. 

Why Crystal Solar

When it comes to professional solar panel cleaning in California, Crystal Solar stands out. Our skilled specialists work with state-of-the-art tools and eco-friendly procedures to keep your panels clean and working at their peak. 


Given the substantial investment solar panels represent, maintenance should not be neglected. To maximize their energy output and lifespan, regular cleaning using safe and efficient techniques is necessary. Whether you choose to clean them yourself or hire professionals, the goal is the same: to keep your solar panels shining brightly, providing you with clean energy for years to come.