Image for Top 5 Reasons to Regularly Have Your Panels Professionally Cleaned

Before you buy solar panels online, you should keep a few things in mind. Whenever your solar panels become dirty, then it is obvious that the performance of solar plants is being compromised. Naturally, a dirty panel will be 10% less productive, based on the quantity of accumulated dirt, compared to a clean panel that is enduring similar conditions.  

As a leading solar panel cleaning company in California, when we mention dirt, then it can pile up in various forms beyond your worst nightmare. Accumulated dust, air pollution, grease, bird droppings, or any other particles in the air may get stuck on the solar panels. Compared to the other parts which are a bit cleaner, the dirty parts of the panel quickly become hotter too, eventually creating hotspots. Accordingly, these hotspots may intensify the deterioration rates of solar panels. 

Usually, solar panels run by letting the natural light from the sun infiltrate their solar cells. The energy that can be generated from the panel depends a lot on the quality of the natural light that hits the panel.  

In this article, we have identified five important reasons for cleaning solar panels in California by professionals like us to improve their optimal functionality as well as maintain and secure your investment. 

Prevent the Accumulation of Dust and Dirt 

There are raw and crude dust elements as well as dirt that will darken the surface of a solar panel, reducing its maximum potentiality. If you frequently don’t get your solar panels cleaned by us, they will not operate at the optimum level you deserve. What is the point of adversely affecting your hard-earned investment and energy savings? 

Remove the Poop 

No matter whichever way you install them, solar panels are vulnerable to the threat of bird droppings. You might ignore this as a natural process. But, remember that the droppings don’t easily wash away due to rain. This will minimize the amount of light accessing the solar cells, thus drastically reducing the total output of energy generation. Moreover, most of the solar panel manufacturers believe that as far as the performance of solar panels is concerned, the pile-up of these droppings will negatively impact the ability of the panels to function according to their potentiality. 

Substantially Improve the Energy Efficiency  

The improvement in the efficiency of solar panels that we clean frequently is self-explanatory. Even researches reveal that substantial betterments in the solar efficiency of sites, for example, are more than 10% – 30% if they are properly maintained by hiring regular cleaning services from professionals like us. It has been observed that solar panel users, who frequently get their solar panels cleaned enjoy a 25% better performance in comparison to similar users who do not utilize this important service. A dip in the efficacy of a solar PV panel is undesirable.  One of the major factors in the drop in the efficiency of solar PV panels is the accumulation of dust on the solar panel. You must ensure to get rid of the dust from the surface of solar PV panels just to ensure the best performance. 

Do Not Depend on Rainfall Only 

Have you checked the windscreen of your car? Can you recall the last time you cleaned the same? If you haven’t got it cleaned, then you’d face trouble seeing it while you drive. Can you drive with the dirt and dust that would’ve piled up on the screen for more than 6 months to a year of not getting it cleaned? The dirt on your window screen would heap up and form a green film, minimizing your ability to view through it. You may be unaware that the rainwater itself carries too many airborne dust particles that get stuck to the surface of the screen as the water evaporates. The windshield wipers themselves can’t access this film of dust and dirt. A similar concept applies to solar panels too. They are vulnerable to the same elements as your car windshield, leading to a loss of efficiency due to a loss of light because of grim and dust. Simply, to optimize the efficacy of your panels, do not depend only on rain. 

Benefit from Your Warranty 

Do you know that many manufacturers of solar panels have made solar panel cleaning from professionals like us a condition of their warranty? That’s why, if anything messes up with your panels and if you can’t prove that you have conducted regular maintenance and cleaning, the damage to your panels will not be covered by the warranty you purchased. 


So, the bottom line is that, if you wish your panels to function efficiently and last as long as feasible, you must take care of them and maintain their cleanliness by hiring our professional solar panel cleaning services in California. This will ensure the longevity of the panels that you have invested in. Get in touch with us immediately to make your panels more efficient.