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We are all aware that birds have a natural tendency to poop. It may not seem important in our daily lives, but it can cause damage to your solar panels. While a passing bird or two will not harm your PV system in the long run, those that nest beneath solar panels can and will. 

That is why it is critical to keep birds away from your home solar system housing and ensure they build their nests elsewhere. Solar panels provide a nice shady spot that is protected from the elements, as well as easy rafters and backings for birds to build nests in. They love PV systems. That is why bird-proofing solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. 

Do the following if you’re facing problems with birds: 

Installation of Bird Mesh:  

One of the most effective bird-proofing options for residential solar systems is bird mesh. Bird mesh is designed to seal the area beneath your solar panels by clipping directly to the panels and running around the entire perimeter. 

Despite its inability to technically shield your panels from view from the house, air can still pass through, making it difficult for birds to build nests beneath the panels. If you need a less expensive option, bird netting will do the same job with slightly less resistance to the elements. 

Bird nets are low-profile, beautiful, and have a low impact on your panels and roofs. 

Purchase of Fake Predators for Bird-proofing: 

Plastic birds of prey may appear to be out of date, but they do the job. A fake owl with a swiveling head in the breeze can move easily and frequently enough to scare birds away. They are excellent bird protectors for solar panels. 

There are also high-tech, automated birds of prey that you can install on your roof to scare away the birds and other birds. To ensure a comprehensive and effective approach, do not overlook bird netting and other tactics. 

Installation of Roof Spikes: 

Spikes may not always be the best option to avoid birds, but they often prove miraculous. Spikes deter birds from roosting on or near your solar panels by making it uncomfortable for them to stay long enough to build a nest or make a big mess. 

They may not be very useful on their own, but they can be supplemented with roof netting or a similar set of strategies to keep roofs net-free and solar panels clean. 

Regular Cleaning of Your Yard and Garden: 

Birds require food, and making the area around your home uninhabitable to them will discourage them from establishing a nest there. Clean your yard and garden regularly to ensure that there are no food sources near your home. 

This is especially important to consider if you have a flat roof, as it becomes a virtual bird paradise. If you have trash cans around the house, keep the trash under a lid or in tightly sealed plastic bags. Clean up any pet food that has accumulated around the house, and store anything that birds might want to eat in bins with fitted lids. 

Maintenance of Your Home Solar Panels in Good Condition: 

Commercial solar cleaning is critical, and keeping your PV array in good working order makes it less vulnerable to bird nests and droppings. The professionals take care of the bird-proofing services as well. Clean your panels regularly, repair any cracks or mounting issues, and have them professionally serviced to ensure long-term functionality. 

Birdproofing is the most effective way to keep birds away from your solar panels. You must take care to ensure that your bird-proofing solar panels are not harmed at any time. 


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Bird netting and spikes are effective solutions. Netting creates a barrier, while spikes make perching uncomfortable, discouraging nesting.

Yes, you can try reflective tape, visual deterrents like owl decoys, or even using essential oil-based repellents to keep birds away.

No, most bird-proofing methods are designed to deter birds without causing harm. They simply make your property less attractive for nesting or perching.

While some DIY methods are available, hiring professionals ensures effective installation and a proper understanding of bird behavior, guaranteeing long-term results.