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Avoid these common mistakes while cleaning solar panels

With the growth of technology, now we can utilize solar energy for our household purposes. For that, we need to install a solar panel, so that we can collect and send the solar energy to convert into electrical power.

Now as most of the regions on this planet and preciously California, face plenty of sunlight, therefore solar energy is used at the industrial level as well. Now if you have installed a solar panel in your residence, then you should contact the Solar Panel Cleaning Services in California, for its maintenance. Now you can also clean your solar panels by yourself, but for that, you need to educate yourself regarding the pros and cons of solar panel cleaning.

Don’t use cleaning agents for cleaning your solar panels

Now the services for cleaning solar panels in California always use the proper material to clean your solar panels. But if you decide to clean the panels by yourself to save some extra money, then you shouldn’t use any cleaning agents on the solar panels, as well as it can void the warranty from the manufacturer. Improper cleaning agents can destroy the anti-reflective coating on your solar panels and that will hamper its regular functions.

Don’t use a squeegee for cleaning solar panels.

The material used in solar panels is different from the regular metal or woods we use for our household purpose. The squeegee performs greatly while cleaning the furniture, floors, walls, even utensils. These materials are not as sensitive as the outer layer of solar panels. Therefore if you tend to clean your solar panels with squeegee than that may harm or damage your solar panel and it may stop functioning properly. The center for solar power system cleaning in California doesn’t suggest using squeegee during solar panels cleaning. 

Properly place yourself during cleaning your solar panels.

If you are planning to clean your solar panels by yourself without engaging any solar panel cleaning services in California, then you should use your tools wisely and should place your ladder properly. Because if you fail to follow the proper caution then you may damage your solar power system and that may be costly to repair. At the same time, you may harm yourself as you may slip out from the ladder while cleaning your solar panels.

Finally don’t think that rain cleans the solar panels.

Heavy rain can clean the top layer of your solar panels, where dirt, dust, and debris usually gather. But underneath the top layer, there is a lower layer. Where a heavier amount of dirt and debris stacks up and can’t be clean by the rain, even hose water can’t clean it entirely. In California, solar power cleaning services is the best option for cleaning and maintaining your solar panels, so that you can utilize the solar energy flawlessly. 


A little scrubbing with a coarse cloth covered sponge or soft brush with a decent flow of clean water can remove the most stubborn grime from your solar panels. But if you don’t know the functions of your solar power system entirely, then contact any agency for cleaning solar panels in California. Because as we have mentioned earlier any improper cleaning attempt can damage your solar panels or may harm you physically, so it’s better to be safe in both ways.