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Nature possesses a gift and magic power that is being witnessed by the self-live generation. For years, we have observed growth among human beings and other creatures. It hardly mattered if they are birds or other flying animals, underwater living insects or fishes, etc.  All of us are blessed and have constant unique behaviors and life cycles. Referring to sustainable energy life, they are suffering and procrastinating.   

 If we talk about technology invasion, sun-accredited energy technology is also known as solar panels. While providing solar panel cleaning services in California, it has been observed by our cleaning executives that solar panels and creatures like pests and birds correlate with the infrastructure of solar panels. It is quite understandable that the life of the solar panels may be minimized if encroached by birds or some disease-carrying pests. We must realize how it happens.  

Birds Find Solar Panels Attractive to Settle Down  

With the change in nature’s pattern, nowadays it’s not obvious anymore that birds wish to make their nest on trees or some local place. You are probably oblivious that birds are extremely keen on solar panels and love to make nests on them. That is why so much emphasis is given to searching for bird-proofing solar panels near me.   

If science and logic are taken seriously, it is because of polarized light. Polarized light waves are light waves in which the vibrations occur in a single plane. The same polarized light emitting from solar panels allures the birds and their insect prey.   

Additionally, there could be various other reasons why solar panels provide shelter and nesting grounds.   

The Influence Exerted by Birds on the Solar Panels   

Why will you let birds make nests or shelter on solar panels? No one wants to! Despite this, birds prefer to poach solace panels to reduce the life of the solar panels. In simple terms, solar panel cleaning becomes a challenge as birds adversely affect our solar panels, and even jeopardize the complete infrastructure of the solar power systems which could be pocket-pinching, if you are contemplating repair.    

Birds frequently cause considerable damage to solar infrastructure, including the cabling/wiring and the PV panels themselves. That is why the consequence of birds nesting on the solar power system may backfire and it is not a good symptom.    

If in any way, your solar panels were struck by some nasty birds and if you are seeking solutions on how to remove or prevent them from coming again and again, here are some of the tips from our credible solar experts who have conducted thorough research regarding this issue.

Protect Your Solar Panel from Pest Birds   

The following tips have proved to be both effective and successful in preventing birds from making nests or bird drops.  

Keep Everything Clean   

To protect your solar panels from birds, you must clean the panels around once a year as we usually do with our home when a festival is nearing. You may do it yourself (DIY method) or opt for a professional expert from a solar company.    

Install Fake Birds of Prey   

Though not so favored, however, it can still yield positive results in securing solar panels from birds by employing falcons or fake plastic birds. This process of scaring birds is innovative as it’s circumspect and cost-savvy. Remember, if birds are already active, then the artificial birds of prey will not be effective.  

Protect with Mesh  

This is the most effective and economical for humans to counter bird nests. The process of applying is to attach mesh around the sides of the residential panels. This simple, less hectic, and fulfilling process to keep birds at bay from the solar panels and preserve your investment from damage is amazing.  


The commonest and most useful method to keep birds from nesting or drooping is by application of spikes. A bird control spike also called an anti-roosting spike for roost modification, is a device featuring long, needle-like rods used for bird control.   

You can easily avail of bird control spikes on shopping websites and can effortlessly install them. This can also be installed on solar inverters, batteries, rack systems including solar panels.    

Solar Panel Maintenance  

Commercial solar cleaning from us has its significance, and keeping your PV array in proper working order will make it that much less vulnerable to bird nests and droppings. Cleaning your panels frequently, repairing any cracks or mounting issues, and getting them professionally serviced by our executives are all important to ensure long-term functionality.


There is no doubt that you need to avail our professional services of cleaning solar panels in California if you wish to get a permanent solution to all the mess.    

The most ideal way to prevent birds from resting under your solar panels has to be bird proofing. You need to ensure that it is done in such a way that your bird-proofing solar panels remain unaffected every time. Seek our help if needed! Get in touch with us if you wish to protect your solar panels and keep them safe from birds!