Image for A Guide to Address Bird Droppings and Pest Nests Affecting Solar Panels

As solar panel cleaning service providers, we understand the impact that bird droppings and pest nests can have on the efficiency of solar panels. We’ll clearly explain in this blog post how these problems affect your panels, along with possible solutions. 

Damages that Bird Droppings Cause: 

Initially, it may seem that bird droppings are harmless. However, they can seriously harm your solar panels. The acidic nature of bird droppings can eat away at the protective coating on the panels, leading to reduced energy absorption. Over time, this can result in lower energy production and decreased panel efficiency. 

Example: Imagine you have a solar panel system on your rooftop, and a flock of pigeons frequently perches there. Their droppings accumulate on the panels, causing decreased energy output. Without proper cleaning, your solar investment could be negatively impacted. 

Pest Nests and Blockages: 

Pests like birds, squirrels, and rodents are notorious for building nests in and around solar panel arrays. These nests can obstruct the panels, preventing sunlight from reaching the cells. Additionally, pests may chew through the wires, causing electrical issues and potential damage to the panels. 

Example: In a suburban area, a family of squirrels builds a nest under the solar panels. The nest blocks sunlight from reaching a portion of the panels, leading to decreased energy production. Moreover, the squirrels chew on the wires, causing disruptions in the system’s functionality. 

Regular Cleaning is Essential:   

If you want to maintain the efficiency of your solar panels, regular cleaning is necessary, especially to remove bird droppings and pest nests. Cleaning bird droppings promptly prevents long-term damage to the panels and ensures optimal energy absorption. 

Example: A homeowner in a rural area notices bird droppings accumulating on their solar panels. They decided to schedule a cleaning with our professional service. Our team arrives promptly and thoroughly cleans the panels, restoring their efficiency and preventing further damage. 

Professional Cleaning Solutions: 

Hiring a professional solar panel cleaning service is a smart move to tackle bird droppings and pest nests effectively. Our team has the expertise and proper equipment to safely remove nests, debris, and droppings without damaging the panels. 

Example: A business owner in the city notices pigeons nesting near their solar panels. Concerned about potential damage, they contacted our solar cleaning company in Chino. Our team assessed the situation, carefully removed the nests, and provided ongoing maintenance to prevent future nesting. 

Potential Fire Hazards: 

Bird nests and debris accumulation near solar panels can create potential fire hazards, especially during hot and dry weather conditions. The dry materials used by pests to build their nests can ignite easily when exposed to intense sunlight. Apart from being a safety hazard, a fire near your solar panels can seriously harm your solar system. 

Example: A rural homeowner in the summertime experiences a dry spell. The bird nest built under their solar panels catches fire due to the scorching heat, leading to damage to the panels and the surrounding area. To prevent such risks, regular cleaning and pest deterrent measures are essential. 

Impact on System Warranty: 

In many cases, solar panel warranties may become void if it is evident that bird droppings or pests have caused damage. Manufacturers typically expect solar panel owners to maintain their panels properly with bird-proofing services to uphold the warranty terms. Neglecting regular cleaning and addressing pest issues could result in the loss of warranty coverage, leaving you financially responsible for any repairs or replacements. 

Example: A solar panel owner discovers that their warranty is void due to extensive damage caused by bird droppings and nests. They regret not taking proactive measures and cleaning their panels regularly. To avoid such a situation, they decide to hire a professional cleaning service and protect their investment. 


Bird droppings and pest nests can significantly impact the performance of your solar panels. Regular cleaning, along with professional assistance like our bird-proofing solutions in Chino can help protect your solar investment and ensure long-term energy efficiency. If you religiously follow the suggestions in this article, then only you can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy for many years to come. 


Absolutely! Bird droppings contain acids that can weaken the protective coating on your panels, leading to reduced energy production.

We recommend regular cleaning every few months, especially if you notice bird activity near your panels.

Yes, pests like squirrels and birds can chew through wires and cause electrical issues, which may require costly repairs if left unchecked.

While you can attempt DIY cleaning, hiring a professional service ensures thorough and safe cleaning to preserve the efficiency of your panels.