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It has been observed by us that one of the several significant factors to minimize the performance of your solar panels is the abundance of dust on the glass of the modules. That is why whenever we visit a client for their solar panel cleaning services, we give a lot of stress on the choice of equipment.  

You may be surprised to know that performance can reduce to as low as 2% every year and as high as 30% every year in the worst cases. So, regular maintenance of solar panels becomes mandatory. That’s why cleaning is essential to ensure the maximum generation of energy throughout the year. 

It’s quite obvious that water and cloth can be applied for PV system cleaning. Even other solar panel cleaning products can also provide an easier, quicker, and better approach to this maintenance. There are multiple solar cleaning equipment types, such as extensions, brushes, squeegees, robots, and solutions that are ideal for this purpose. 

Whenever you make up your mind to apply proper solar panel cleaning equipment then it’s bound to add years to your solar system. It’ll also save you a lot of money for your repairs.  

How effectively the solar panel functions will depend a lot on its cleanliness. With the accumulation of more dirt and debris on the surface, energy production becomes lower. As we are regularly cleaning solar panels in California and surrounding areas where there is a dusty environment, we’ve found that these areas are prone to bird droppings. So, solar panel cleaning becomes extremely crucial. 

In this article, we’ll tell you about the solar panel cleaning tools that you should possess if you’re trying it in a DIY method. Though as professionals we must recommend you hire expert services for effective solar power cleaning services.  

For proper cleaning of the panels, a few solar panel cleaning tools are needed. Possibly you already have some lying abandoned at your home or office. The rest are a bit more specialized and many have to source them. The most commonly used and required tools are as follows: 

Ladder and Harness 

It is quite obvious that a robust ladder and harness system are necessary safety gear. Even if your system is ground-mounted, then also you may require a step ladder to access the far edges of the panel. 


Also popularly known as a handheld wiper, it’s quite an effective tool to get rid of water without damaging the panel’s surface. 

Non-Abrasive Cleaner 

Applying a mild soap or non-abrasive cleaner is suggested. 

Soft-Bristled Cleaning Brushes 

Applying only soft-bristled cleaning brushes will ensure that the panels don’t get scratched during the cleaning process. 

Follow-Through Washing Brush 

Usually applied to clean anything transparent such as solar panels from the ground, a follow-through washing brush combines an irrigation integration with soft-bristled washing brushes to eliminate solar panel debris more effectively. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Kits (Branded) 

You can also try some solar panel cleaning kits if you miss any of the above-mentioned tools in your house or office. The commonest among solar panel cleaning products is a cleaning kit. Usually, these kits are well-packaged units comprised of multiple brushes, extension poles, carrying bags, hose interconnections, clothes, and more. From our experience, we can assure you that you get all the tools that are needed for performing the proper cleaning. 

Mr. Long Arm 1009 Pro Curve Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit 

This peculiarly named Mr. Long Arm 1009 has been crafted to develop and assist solar panel cleaning with a 5-12 feet Pro Curve extension pole. The approximately 4 feet to 8 feet long Hydra Solar internal system allows water to flow through a hose straight inside the solar panel with one single tool. 2 Pro Curve tool handles are incorporated along with 12 feet and 18 feet Sorbo Channel with squeegee rubber.  

Mr. Long Arm 1005 Solar Panel Cleaning Kit 

Another solar panel cleaning kit with an unusual name and a two-in-one kit features the ideal tools required for cleaning your solar panels faster, simpler, and safer. It comprises a long extension pole with a tool handle that can easily rotate smoothly and features a curved slider tube to reach areas that are difficult to reach with straight poles. The hydra solar product can be fixed with a standard garden hose and comprises a deluxe wash sleeve, squeegee, canvas carrying case, and a soft flow-thru brush. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Brushes & Cleaners 

The essential solar panel cleaning tools are brushes targeted at modules. Often, solar panels are installed in hard access points on the roof, and are difficult to perform regular cleaning. A solar panel cleaning brush comprises extension poles that allow you to clean the modules properly from a safe distance either on the ground or on the roof with soft brush bristles. 

EquipMaxx24 ft Water Fed Solar Cleaning Pole with Brush and Squeegee 

Aqua Spray Superlite provides this solar panel cleaning equipment that has a double gooseneck that lets you apply a brush and a squeegee with the same tool. The product can be attached to a garden hose using an adapter. The weight of the solar panel cleaner is 6 lbs. and is made of lightweight aluminum. 

Z-GJRE Water Fed Pole Kit 

The solar panel cleaning pole with a brush from Z-GJRE can be effortlessly adjusted with the gooseneck attachment by the angle adapters. A brass connector can be applied to collaborate with any garden hose. These solar panel cleaning tools are assembled with strong and lightweight aluminum. 

One Shot 1S-Spchec Solar Panel Cleaner 

An amazing solar panel cleaning solution is the One Shot 1S-SPCHEC Solar Panel Cleaner. This top product can be utilized for pressure washers and hose sprayers for solar panel cleaning services in California. The suggestion is to dilute the solution at 1:25. For most users, Polywater SPW-128 solar cleaning supplies are considered to be the perfect option as they clean devoid of abrasion on aluminum rails. 


As mentioned earlier, you can try any one or more of the above tools and equipment to clean solar panels. But to be on the safe side, you should hire professionals like us for the same. This will ensure that your solar panels aren’t damaged.