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Do you own a vehicle? If it’s still in running condition, then it must be well-oiled and serviced. Accordingly, it’ll run better in the future too. The same concept applies to your solar panels. There isn’t any surprise that solar panels perform their task more efficiently once they’re provided with the same level of attention. 

Apart from the cars in our garages, we all love to keep our windows crystal clear and devoid of grime, as well. So, cleaning solar Panels in California shouldn’t be an exception. The question should be focused more on how frequently you need to put in the hard yards, and when. 

In this article, we’re covering the two major questions about how to adopt an effective solar panel maintenance routine. Let us look at all the requirements across what you require to clean them with and how, as well as the principal sources of dirt, and when you need to call in professionals from a solar cleaning company like us. 

How often do you Clean Solar Panels? 

Dust, leaves, and water are common solar blockers. Dust leads to regular problems beyond the accumulation of grime over the years. However, your specific location plays a major role as well. Similarly, this can affect your system and stimulates it. 

We have found that a bit of dust might not have an effect, as light can still get through. We suggest that you let nature take its course, as rain will accomplish most of the task of cleaning solar panels. One of our tests has revealed that the amount the efficiency is minimized by nearly 5 percent or less. With a standard 5 kW system, this might equate to approximately $20 of loss in your energy bill. But our research has also established that a thorough cleaning made the panels 3.5 percent more efficient.

An analysis by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) revealed a potential 30 percent energy yield is lost per year if they aren’t cleaned monthly. 

Additionally, leaves also block light. In an experiment that we carried out, cleaning flat designs doubled their energy overnight after 15 months of operation. But the tests also confirmed that rain on rooftop panels tends to do the job too.

Special focus should be on PV arrays situated in dustier areas when they are close to farmland or next to the main road. These arrays have far more dust and dirt to satisfy and will necessitate more frequent cleanliness.

Bird Droppings are the Main Adversaries 

Bird droppings on your solar power panels are more harmful compared to a film of dust. Your array must include a string inverter or micro-inverters as the systems featuring microinverters can show where a single part has been covered with droppings. During such situations, the inverter will stop showing current flow.  

When you have a lot of trees around, particularly deciduous ones, they will not only drop leaves on your rooftop but will attract birds too. Both of these lead to the accumulation of debris over time, making it essential to regularly hire solar panel cleaning services in California from us. 

A crucial parameter to consider is the angle of your array. Flat panels will necessitate more maintenance as water can pool up and leave a muddy residue once it evaporates. Angled ones benefit from the rain running across them to maintain their cleanliness.

The best way to clean solar panels is through professional help 

Presently, only the state of California has a substantial number of solar panels. In the recent past, we have also witnessed a drastic growth of 45 percent in commercial solar power systems.

Several homeowners prefer to clean their solar panels with the DIY method. If you opt for this approach, remember that it is safer to do so on the ground, if possible. Remember that the dirt is worse in desert areas such as the American Southwest, where the air is dry and dusty. Flat-tilt array designs can also capture more dust. Additionally, air pollution is a major culprit too. Build-up happens on arrays near the local factories or composting facilities. 


So, when is it the time to seek expert help and sort these challenges out? You may feel that adopting professional solar panel cleaning services may not be worth it for a bit of dust accumulation over time. But it’s highly effective when the job becomes too perilous to do yourself. When things get tougher and suddenly people sense a significant risk involved, they remember us as we ensure that their system functions according to the best possible standards.