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Solar energy is the cheapest as well as an unlimited source of energy among all other alternatives, such as; gas, coal, fuel, etc. Also, the maintenance of solar energy systems is simple and you can also do this with proper minimal knowledge. One of the most important parts of your solar energy systems is the solar panels, which you need to fix in the open areas to get the sunlight properly and plenty of sunlight is available in California as it is a hot region. 

Why it is important to clean your solar panels?

A clean solar panel is much more efficient than a dirty one. As we have mentioned, the solar panels are fixed in open areas or over the roof, so these usually accumulate dirt and debris over time and you need to clean those within a particular interval. Now you can clean your domestic solar panels by yourself, but before attempting to clean your solar panels you need to know the process as well as need to know the functionality of its components. Alternatively, you can contact the professional solar panel cleaning services in California provided by us and they will take the responsibility of maintenance of your solar panels.  

  • Leaves, dust, and water:  The solar panels needed to fix in the open areas, so the leaves, dust from air and water during rain can make the panels dirty over time, which may affect its performance.  
  • Bird’s droppings: This is one of the prime enemies of your solar panels. It one panel has been covered with droppings then the performance of the string inverter or micro-inverters will be affected. This is the main reason for solar power cleaning in California, as water or air leaves much less dirt than the bird’s droppings.

How can you clean your panels by yourself?

If you want to clean your solar panels by yourself to save some extra money, then as we have mentioned earlier you need to follow a proper guideline is required. Here we will provide some ideas to clean your panels by yourself in the following section.  

  • Hose and running water: Collect or purchase a hose to spray water with a controlled force on your solar panels. But you need to consider not hitting the water on your panels so hard. Because the panels are not strong like metals, so they can break. You can take the cleaning advice from our professionals who are occupied in solar power system cleaning in California and learn the proper process. 
  • Soap and a soft non-abrasive sponge: The corners and complex cones are hard to clean by only water, so those areas needed to be cleaned with some soapy water with a soft non-abrasive sponge. Don’t apply anything that may cause scratches on the panels while cleaning and rub on the panels very gently because the panels could damage for any little pressure on it.


You need to avoid injuring yourself or damaging the panels during the cleaning process, as the panels are not that much tough so those can break, and in that process, you may injure yourself. The professional service providers for cleaning solar panels in California are experts as well as experienced to perform this job swiftly and that will enhance its efficiency level. By this process, your solar panels will perform in a satisfactory way throughout the time, and you can enjoy the service flawlessly for a longer time.