Image for The Basic Differences Between an Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System and Manual Cleaning

At the very outset, being a leading solar panel cleaning company in California, we can assure you that no manual cleaning service over the lifetime of the panels can be compared with the return on investment to the automatic cleaning system provided by us. Our system lets you maintain the cleanliness of your panels day in and day out, and not just 2 to 4 days a year.

An exclusive solar project is genuinely considered to be completed once you hook it up to the grid. Presently, we are more focused on spreading awareness to expect a wide range to function at optimum production for 20 years. There wouldn’t be any urgency of maintenance by cleaning solar panels in California. We’ve observed that Operations and Maintenance have evolved into a phenomenal business, and module washing is a crucial segment that shouldn’t be ignored.  

Just as fast as system owners have identified a need for solar panel cleaning we have equipped ourselves with new technologies that are there in the market. No-touch robots can indeed provide any substitute for manual washing, and presently, some techniques avoid water completely. Both sides claim to be better than the other. Manual washing may be more accurate and of better quality while automatic/robotic cleaning has been proven to be quicker and can be arranged more regularly. Let’s find out which method suits your system the best. 

Manual Washing:-

Anytime you can find that our dedicated team for manual panel washing mobilizes to almost any location in the state of California and adjoining areas. Instead of having affiliates in various cities, maintaining one team ensures that everyone is qualified and properly trained. 

They hire everyone locally, and the professionals travel to the sites with their set crews. The best part is that everyone is aware of their job responsibilities and knows what exactly they’re doing. There isn’t any training every day or bothering about if so-and-so can do this. 

They predominantly work on utility-scale sites and normally don’t take on a new customer unless it’s a minimum of 40,000 panels. Contracts depend on the dirt and filth of the geographic region. It’s been observed that arid and agricultural areas tend to be dirtier compared to others and necessitate more regular cleanings. Mostly, the start of summer is their busiest time as many customers want cleaner panels at the height of the solar season to avail themselves of optimum output. 

They exclusively apply water and a soft-bristle brush for solar panel cleaning. With the help of local water hookups, the crew filters the water to ensure it’s at 0 TDS (total dissolved solids). Though there are biodegradable soaps, the amount you require to clean a large utility site with 1 million panels is extreme to be comfortable with soaking into the ground. Water does an amazing job alone. 

Glass, being porous by nature, features small divots that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Whenever you apply any kind of soap or a squeegee, it’ll fill up those pores and you’ll get dirt, soap particles, anything stuck. Subsequently, your glass will haze over time. Experts prefer brushes over squeegees as they also help to clear gunk around the frame. 

Automatic Cleaning:-

During automatic cleaning by us, there aren’t any moving parts or robotic elements. The system seems like a sprinkler, with nozzles placed on every few panels. The system runs a wash cycle with soap and a rinse cycle, with modifiable frequency. No tools are applied, and panels are cleaned only by gravity. 

You may opt for a one-minute wash and rinse cycle once a week. A few installation areas may require more. Take a rooftop solar system beside a cement manufacturer. The constant cloud of dust has to be cleaned weekly, if not daily. So, you should clean it before it becomes dirty. 

Each day that you aren’t cleaning the panels, it’ll become dirtier. The two fundamental things with cleaning are that you should apply clean water, and never let the panels become dirty. If they’re dirty, it’ll be challenging to get clean. 
That’s why companies like us who’re into auto-cleaning persuade customers to stay away from manual cleaning once or twice a year. They apply a quick and automatic spray weekly to boost production.

Conclusion If you still have doubts but need to get your solar panels cleaned, then get in touch with us as we are a leading provider of solar panel cleaning services in California. You may choose your mode of cleaning. However, we’re assertive that automatic cleaning has its benefits.