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Nowadays, solar panels are considered to be one of the major energy-efficient and environment-friendly solutions. Presently, it is an immediate solution for your high electricity bills. Because of the opportunity of tax benefits and increasing energy prices, the number of solar panels at residential complexes and workplaces is growing every quarter. The two most significant factors that determine the design of solar panels are credibility and durability. 

The most crucial parameters, such as servicing and cleaning solar panels in California from our professionals can enable your solar system to facilitate you to manage your energy costs over the next few years to follow. Another advantage of going solar is that it necessitates minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts. But, depending on where you reside, it might need you to do more than wait for the rain to have them cleaned naturally. 

You ask yourself must the following questions if you have any plans for solar panel cleaning

  1. Currently, do you reside in an extremely polluted area with heavy smog or smoke? 
  1. Are there tall trees around your home from every direction?  
  1. What is the pollen count in your location? 

If it rains regularly, then you may have to get them cleaned much less. Pollen, dust, dirt, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris can negatively impact the effectiveness of the solar panel. If you are in a fix about how frequently to clean solar panels, closely monitor and analyze your electricity bills and probe how the power output differs before and after cleanings. 

You can adhere to the following commercial cleaning tips and tricks that we have identified for you to ensure that you are not compromising on the longevity of the system installed. 

Hire a Certified Solar Provider Near You 

If your solar panel is on the roof of your home, it could be too vertical because of its height or too slippery to clean the solar panels securely. It is suggested that you should refrain from taking the risk and rather call professional solar installers. 

Apply A Hose 

In the case of a bit of dust and light dirt, you may apply a hose to cleanse off the panels from the ground. Hosing the panels down is the simplest, most secure, and maximum cost-saving method to improve the performance of your solar energy. Most households have a hose pipe nowadays. If you don’t have any, then you may purchase one.

Go Through the Manual Provided by the Solar Panel Manufacturer 

The bitter truth is that maximum users never bother to read the manuals carefully as there could be particular specifications and suggestions to clean your solar panels, like whether the system should be powered off or not. It will be a wise decision to refer to the guide provided by the manufacturer or get in touch with your local solar installer for additional information. If you are searching for a solar provider near you, then finding the same provides you with the ease of getting to your bay area location devoid of the extra tension or cost of waiting for long. Rather, your solar panels or solar energy system can begin receiving the mandatory energy-efficient upgrades straight away. 

Cleaning During the Morning or On an Overcast Day 

While it is in direct sunlight, solar panels can become extremely hot. The most ideal time to clean solar panels to avoid soap smudges or watermarks while cleaning has to be during the morning, evening, or on overcast days. Moreover, cold water on a hot day could lead to the cracking of the panels. 

Be Tenderly Gentle 

We all know that solar panels are durable. So, if you apply pressure washers, metal objects, or abrasive detergents, then it may jeopardize your system. We as professionals occupied in commercial window cleaning as well as solar panels suggest you apply dish soap and a sponge or squeegee for cleaning the panels.  

What Not to Do 

While cleaning your solar panels, you must not apply pressure washers and walk on them.  

Though solar panels can withstand heavy rainstorms, it is ideal to avoid pressure washers as they could scratch and damage the photovoltaic cells. Direct pressure of high water on the panels may weaken the seal around the frame letting water enter the panels.  

Despite the ability of solar panels to endure even the most adverse weather conditions, they are not meant for walking on. If you walk on the solar panels, then you can damage, fracture, break, or scratch the cells, reducing the power output. 


If you religiously adhere to the above-mentioned tips, then there is no reason why your solar panel won’t last long. Else, you can always seek services from our authentic and professional solar panel cleaning services in California. Get in touch with us today!